Genre Hip Hop/Rap
City West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Country United States


SimXSantana is an American rapper out of Philadelphia who became popular after his single and dance “Flexin N’ Flashin” went viral. Within the first 3 months, the music video was viewed over 5 million times. On June 18, 2019, Columbia Records welcomed him via Facebook to their family. “Get Groovy” is also another track of his that’s getting a lot of attention.

SimXSantana was born on March 20, 2000, in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In a “No Jumper” podcast, he describes Philly as the trenches; a place where life is tough and everyone has to grind for what they want. He is one of seven children and was raised by a single mother. Despite being an OG in the streets and even spending time behind bars, his mother made sure the family was well fed. His father was sentenced to life before he was born. Growing up, SimXSantana had hopes of making it to the NBA. He gave up on those dreams due to the sports’ competitive nature and after witnessing top-flight prospects falling short of their goal. With regards to rapping, he started eyeballing the craft seriously at age 15. SimXSantana was also motivated by the loss of a close friend. He grew up listening to

SimXSantana started rapping under the alias D4M Santana. In June 2018, he released “Silly,” one of his earliest tracks that demonstrated his talent. Racking up 25 thousand views was quite impressive for him then, however, he wanted to surpass that. Around 9 months later, after performing and shooting a certain track at a block party, SimXSantana started going viral.

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